Talking Tom Cat 3

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Description of "Talking Tom Cat 3":

Tom cat and his friend Ben are hosting a program together, and you can open your video to play with them together. Both Tom and Ben will respond to your touch and repeat everything that you say with a funny voice. You can pet their ears, poke their paws and hit their furs.

Controls of "Talking Tom Cat 3":

Require a microphone to his dialogue with Tom cat, have a camera to make a video! Mouse click on the button below the body and Tom, kittens can respond. 1, click or Tom's ear, they listen to you, let go of their ears they learn to talk to you. 2, using fingers, Tom and Ben, allow them to falling out of my chair; 3, swipe, Tom and Ben, they rotate on a Chair; 4, dog paw button is pressed, this harassment with boxing gloves or the DART gun, Tom; 5, according to the cat paw button, Tom will use water jets, air horn or gun harassment. 6, according to the cross sword button, ask him to fight with this; 7, press the TV button, choose to play video on the display before.
Talking Tom Cat 3
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